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    Technical Support Chat Client Error

      I have no idea which forum is most appropriate for this thread, so I apologize in advance for posting it in the wrong place.

      For help with my reinstall problem (see my thread 'Reinstall Failure' in the Virus Scan 13 forum) I tried using the McAfee Tech Support Chat help. I am able to submit my request and reach a screen with my Service Request number and a message that says "Download Chat Client." Unfortunately, every time I try to download it, a new window opens and then freezes.

      Is this a common problem? I am currently using Firefox v.3.0.14, and could not find any information on known compatibility issues. Are there any other software upgrades I might be missing in order to run the chat client properly?

      I am pursuing this issue because at present I am outside the US and unable to contact phone support without spending a small fortune. Any assistance is much appreciated!