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    mcafee total protection + superhidden

      my friends, since a lot of time ago, every most of the times i scan an infected device with mcafee total protection 2009, choosing as a host an fully updated machine, with all autorun features disabled/stopped, i have to change back my setting for "show hidden files, show extension and show system files" back to my default option (show all those), because in some point of the scan, those settings are set back to hide those options. no, the machine isn't infected (at least, not according to mcafee and at least 5 other engines). and yes, this behavior happens only with mcafee and not with any other security software.

      also, another question: why mcafee almost "hangs" the machine when updating? again, this behavior happens only with mcafee and isn't localized in just one machine. since i'm owner of 12 licenses for this one, i do have 12 machines and every single machine where mcafee is installed has this behavior. and no, this isn't any lack of memory. some of those machines has about 4gb of ram

      thanks for any tip about

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          Vinod R

          12?? are sure that you are on consumer version... normally that never crosses 3 or 5 in most cases.
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            yes, 12 licenses. so far i know, this isn't forbitten and every single license is paid. and currently, not all licenses are in use because some of my machines died in this last year, after i buy the license (just 2, if i'm not mistaken). if you wish, i can take an screen from my account with mcafee. but i know one guy that has at least 20. he has 3 offices, none server and, according to him, is far more easy buy licenses in that way. i fully agree with him. all you have to do is buy an family pack and buy extra licenses. i don't have any intent to buy more. in fact, due the machines that have died and will not be replaced, the number of licenses will decrease a little bit. maybe to 10, because is more easy buy packs in this way than one by one or even buy an office license, that requires a lot of contact with some av representatives that don't lead to anything else, but the same result than buy packs of licenses