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    Cannot Use GoToMyPc

      I spent four hours attempting to use gotomypc unsuccessfully. I've enabled the three ports, added the site to the "allow" category, turned off the firewall, and am still not able to access my work computer from home.

      I restarted my computer in "Safe Networking" and was then able to use gotomypc.

      Any ideas how I can make my firewall give me access to gotomypc?
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          Please make sure that none of the follow files are being blocked by your Firewall.

          For the Host PC (This is the PC you want to access from someplace else)

          Primary Files

          g2comm.exe, g2fileh.exe, g2host.exe, g2mainh.exe, g2printh.exe, g2svc.exe, g2tray.exe, gopcsrv.exe

          For the Client Computer (This is the computer you use to access the host PC)

          Primary Files



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            It looks like I've located the culprit. When checking access, my Firewall says the g2viewer.exe file no longer exists on my computer. Is there a way to reinstall it? I took my laptop to the shop a couple weeks ago and had RAM installed and had them check it out for sluggishness so I wonder if they deleted this file?

            Suggestions on getting g2viewer.exe back on my computer? A search on the internet didn't yield any good suggestions or locations to download it.

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              Vinod R

              I guess at this point its no longer a McAfee issue perhaps Glenn might be able to guide you to a Citrix forum or FAQ.