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    OK to let Win version scan Mac disk partition?

      Hi, I'm running Windows XP on a Mac using Bootcamp. I've installed the McAfee Security Suite on the Windows disk partition. When I look at the Scan options, I see that the Mac disk partition "Macintosh HD" is included in the list of what will be scanned as part of a full scan.

      Question: Is there any problem with having the Windows version of McAfee Scan scan the Mac disk partition? (For example, will the Windows Scan incorrectly diagnose some Mac OS files as viruses and try to remove them, etc.?)

      As an aside, I did a "custom" scan without including the Mac disk partition and that works fine. But it would be nice not to have to do a "custom" scan each time.

      Other info:
      - McAfee Scan v13.15
      - Windows XP Pro SP3
      - MacBook Pro, 4GB RAM, OS X 10.6 (snow leopard)

      Note: Some threads here have indicated that WinXP can't read the Mac partition; but that appears not to be the case. That is, using My Computer, I can browse the "Macintosh HD" partition from Windows.

      Thanks for your help!