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    sent file to avert but no dat file recieved?!

      hi i sent my file in a zip with password protected as infected and i sent saying its not a virus and blah blah blah, but i didnt get a dat file back! i was wondering if you know why? this is what the message said...

      AVERT Labs - Beaverton
      Current Scan Engine Version:5300.2777
      Current DAT Version:5720.0000
      Thank you for your submission.

      Analysis ID: 5481249

      File Name Findings Detection Type Extra
      --------------------|------------------------------|---------------------------- |------------|-----
      drgunz.exe |inconclusive | | |no

      inconclusive [drgunz.exe]

      Upon analysis the file submitted does not appear to contain one of the 200,000 known
      threats in the AutoImmune database. The file may contain a new threat, or no code
      capable of being infected. Your submission is being forwarded to an Avert Labs
      Researcher for further analysis. You will be contacted by AVERT through e-mail with
      the results of that analysis.