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    Scheduled scan immediately goes into pause

      I have Security Suite 9.3 with Virus Scan 13.3 (provided by ATT). I schedule a scan to take place once a week at 2:00 am. This has always worked for the past year or two. For about the last month or so the scheduled scan is in the pause mode when I check the computer in the morning. The scan starts and then immediately goes into pause mode before it even gets started. I have the "scan using minimal computer resources" box unchecked in both the custom and scheduled scan menu's. As it take 6-8 hours to scan my drives this has become a problem. I'm not sure what changed to send it into pause right after starting. Any suggestions?
      I see there has been a number of views of the post, but not one reply. This is still an on going problem. Has nobody run into this problem recently?