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    Alert on file: file then not found?

      Recently I installed Thunderbird. During the import of my Eudora email, I received an alert:

      Potentially unwanted program detected:
      Name: Exploit-MIME.c
      Location: C:\Documents and Settings\<my name>\Local Settings\Temp\nsmail.eml

      The dialog offered me three choices in response:
      Remove the <file or program>
      Approve the <file or program>
      Close this alert.

      Suspecting that it might be a virus, but unable at the time to confirm it,
      I chose "Close this alert" assuming that I could then scan and if necessary
      remove the file after the lengthy TBird/Eudora import was complete.

      When I then went to the directory identified in the alert, there was no file
      visible. I did a scan on the directory anyway and was informed that

      Total files scanned: 3
      Total files detected: 0

      Well, the only 'files' that the directory had were 3 subdirectories that were empty.

      I'm looking for informed opinions of what likely happended:

      Did McAfee remove the file anyway, even though I chose "Close..."?

      Could the file have migrated by itself somewhere else? I haven't done
      a complete scan since then, only the local scan. A full scan on my system
      takes all day and night, so I'm hesitant to do that.