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    Virtual Technician problems

      Firstly, if this is not the right place for the topic, please forgive me and move it where it belongs.
      Here is what happened.
      Mcafee Total protection Suite stopped working, Agent started throwing memory access violation repeatedly.
      I ran Virtual Technician, it found several problems (17 files missing, 1 COM component missing, etc). Then VT ran MVSUninst.Exe, which I guess uninstalled the product on my machine.
      Now it looks like VT is trying to get fresh set of files and reinstall everything, but in doing so encountered a problem: it cannot clear temporary internet files.
      I've done that myself, using IE properties, then using Disk Cleanup, and then manually going through all folders and deleting files. Nothing works. There is always something.

      Also, when I tried to run free virus scan, downloading ActiveX components necessary for the scan never gets finished. It basically sit there "downloading" forever". I checked all settings necessary for ActiveX download and run, and also for scripting, they are OK.

      One more thing: VT throws this:
      An unhandled exception "ActiveX component can't create object : "McContentManager.McContentTransfer") occured in MVTApp.exe[368]

      Could anybody help?
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          Try downloading the MVT file and running it rather than choosing repair.

          There had been some 7 components missing issues but 17 is a bit rich.

          While waiting for some more experienced in mvt try the below scanners
          Now Vista x86 Compatible!
          Support Forum: http://forums.superantispyware.com/

          Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
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          Download the free version here: http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php
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          Run these scanners as well. U may need to do it in safe mode.
          ESET Online Scanner
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            After the above try to fix Internet explorer by running below suggestion

            to attempt a fix please try to download this application unzip it and then extract the contents and run the iefix file and select fix( ignore any errors) .

            A reinstall of IE could help as well
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              Thanks, Tony for your response!
              Try downloading the MVT file and running it rather than choosing repair.
              What exactly do you mean by that?
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                When you click on next after selecting MVT say in my signature you have the option to run or save. Select save this allows you to run it at a time of you choosing after you clean out any old bits of it.

                Probably not much help so choose run after you save it and remove to clean up the former install. Then rerun it (after a reboot) and reinstall.

                The saving idea probably not worth worrying about so go to the remove option first. I ran it 3 times and no issue so issue could be your IE setup is corrupted or a virus.
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                  VT finds no products currently installed and asks me if i'd like to install some. I answer "Yes".
                  VT finds some problems : DNS cache, temp internet files, etc. and asks if i want VT to fix them for me. I answer "YES" again. It fixes all of them but temp internet files.
                  Here is Diagnostic details
                  Health Check Details
                  Registry OK
                  Expected Registry Key Present
                  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
                  Expected Registry Value Present
                  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings SecureProtocols
                  Expected Registry Key Present
                  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
                  Expected Registry Value Present
                  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main Disable Script De******

                  File 2 file(s) incorrect
                  Excluded File(s) Present
                  C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.SLONUMBER.001\Cookies\*McAfee*.*
                  Excluded File(s) or Folder(s) Present
                  Expected Disk Space Available 100.00 MB in

                  Process OK
                  Service OK
                  COM OK
                  Expected COM Component Present
                  VB Script Language {B54F3741-5B07-11cf-A4B0-00AA004A55E8} C:\WINNT\system32\vbscript.dll
                  Expected COM Component Server Type Correct
                  VB Script Language {B54F3741-5B07-11cf-A4B0-00AA004A55E8} C:\WINNT\system32\vbscript.dll
                  Expected COM Component File Present
                  VB Script Language {B54F3741-5B07-11cf-A4B0-00AA004A55E8} c:\winnt\system32\vbscript.dll
                  Expected COM Component Present
                  JScript Language {f414c260-6ac0-11cf-b6d1-00aa00bbbb58} C:\WINNT\system32\jscript.dll
                  Expected COM Component Server Type Correct
                  JScript Language {f414c260-6ac0-11cf-b6d1-00aa00bbbb58} C:\WINNT\system32\jscript.dll
                  Expected COM Component File Present
                  JScript Language {f414c260-6ac0-11cf-b6d1-00aa00bbbb58} c:\winnt\system32\jscript.dll

                  Top Issues OK
                  SYSTEM 2 System's information incorrect
                  Clear DNS resolver cache

                  Temporary internet files need to be deleted

                  Processor meets minimum system requirement

                  RAM meets the minimum system requirement

                  Successfully connected to us.mcafee.com

                  Successfully downloaded file http://download.mcafee.com/products/mvt/mvt/xmlfiles/connectivity

                  So it looks like until these problems are fixed, VT cannot download fresh files.
                  Maybe there is another way to get them?
                  [SIZE="3"]Bottom line: I paid Mcafee $120 for two year subsciption in march of 2009.
                  All i get is this mess. Their customer service is a nightmare. They do not give you any kind of media, only download. Now that VT deleted everything, how do i get fresh set of files? With or without this VT.[/SIZE]

                  I ran SuperAntiSpyware, did not find anything.
                  If anybody can help, please do so!
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                    You do have an account with mcafee ie can you access it? MVT may have messed up your install but your account with its download will be fine.

                    If so try uninstalling mcafee via the method and removal tool described and linked to in my signature.

                    Then delete any folder named mcafee in program files folder or program data folder (if u have it)

                    Reboot then reinstall mcafee programs of your choice. Choice custom install to not install particular programs ie privacy service.

                    If you do not have an account you need to contact customer service in your country and get it activated.