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    Unable to download/install virus scan plus

      I am unable to install my virus scan plus program. I downloaded the download manager and it runs, but it comes up with a white box with no options. I also ran the technical support which cleared some things but still I get the white box on the download manager.
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          Have you had or do you still have Internet Explorer 8 beta installed? If so it is not compatible with McAfee, only the final version of IE8 is (Released a while ago). The beta was well known for causing this.

          What is your operating system and service pack?
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            I do not believe I have the IE 8 beta. I have not updated my IE browser because I use mozilla firefox. I just reformatted my hard drive and I am running Windows XP home edition. I am not sure what you mean by service pack, is that the product I purchased? If so it is just the virus scan plus.
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              This is a picture of the download manager after I download it and run it. I hope putting pictures in threads isn't against the rules and the picture is displayed. It worked when I previewed it before I posted.
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                It sounds to me as if your system is way behind the times with updates.

                Well, you could check by opening Internet Explorer from the Start/All Programs menu and then click Help/About and post the results here.

                You can check what your full system version is in 2 ways..
                1. Go to Start/Run and type in winver then click Enter
                2. Right-click My Computer and select Properties.

                A service pack is what is issued by Microsoft Update from time to time in order to ensure that you system is up to date and safe, which obviously it isn't as you don't know what I'm talking about.
                You should have Service Pack 3 - help available for that here: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=220807

                Please go to Microsoft Updates, install the appropriate activex when prompted and update you system fully with both the non-critical and critical updates for all components (take that option).

                McAfee's interface is actually an Internet Explorer page, albeit an internal one, so it relies heavily on an up to date system and your Internet Explorer set to its default settings, whether or not you use it.