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    Duplicate emails

      I have begun receiving duplicate emails from several Road Runner (austin.rr.com) email accounts since installing Virus Scan 13.
      Road Runner and Juno email support have pointed me to the security protection on my system. When I turned email scan OFF in the Security Center normal single copies of emails returned. Therefore, I am assuming that something in Security Center 9.3.162 or Virus Scan 13.3.127 or Personal Firewall 10.3.111 is causing a problem.
      My system is MS Window XT using IE 8.0.6001.18702. IE 8 was installed about the same time the above McAfee updates occured.
      Doesn't anyone out there have this problem or a solution? It's been two weeks now that I't not using email scans. I'm getting very upset and tired of seeing the message about not being fully protected!!!