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    Very slow "full scan"

      I have been recently having a problem with Virus Scan. When I want to do a "full scan,"it takes about 20 plus hours to complete and I am only scanning about 78,000 files! Up until recently, 07-24-09, a "full scan" would only take approx. 2 hours from start to finish. I went into the scan log and it showed that as recently as 07-17-09, a full scan took just over 2 hours for the same number of files as I have now. Now only a week later, something is causing it really slow up at 40%. The scan seems to go fine until around 40% completion, at which it slows to a very slow crawl. It seems to be scanning C:\System Volume Inform... files during this slow down. Whether that has anything to do with it, I do not know. It takes only about 45 minutes to get to 40% completion and then another 20 hours to complete! I have not added any new programs or changed my computer during the last 6 mos. I tried McAfee Virtual Tech. and that found no problems. I then contacted McAfee chat last night and the Tech said that the problem was being caused by the fact that I have SpyZooka installed on my computer and that I should remove the program. I told the Tech that I have had SpyZooka loaded on my computer for months without having a slow "full scan" but they still insisted that this was the cause of my problems. I went ahead anyways and removed SpyZooka and rebooted like they said. When I tried to do another "full scan," same result...fine until 40% completion and then extremely slow. After four hours I was still only at 44% (38k files) done. I am very puzzled. My computer is a Dell Dimension 2400 with windows xp service pack 3. I run a pentium 4 processor (2.8GHz), 768 Ram, and have +50GB left on my hard drive. The one full scan that I let go through to completion (some 20 hours later) found no infections. My computer performance has been flawless with plenty of speed. Please help!
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          Please clarify,
          Did you have pop-ups or spyware alert in the computer?
          Did you made any changes to the computer in the recent past?


          Run the MVT {http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/default.asp} on your computer and post the Session id you get in this thread.
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            I do not have any pop-ups or any sign of spyware. My computer runs as fast as always. Its just really odd because like I said in my post above, I have not changed anything on my computer or have added any new programs. My full scans have always taken about 2 hours to complete and as a matter of fact my scan log showed that I had done a full scan just over a week(07-17-09) ago that took just under 2 hours. It is just puzzling to me because there has been absolutely no changes in the last week or so to my computer, yet now all of a sudden a scan that is scanning the same amount of files (about 78,000) goes from taken 2hrs. to now taking 20 plus hours. I ran the MVT and received no problems. The session ID was 19394856.
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              Vinod R

              It would be worth while to run a check disk on the machine is safemode and also run a disk defrag in the same mode... Once done reboot the machine and see if the scan has any effects..
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                My Full Scan took about an hour or so when I had Vista.  After I upgraded to Windows 7, it literally took 3 days!

                I contacted McAfee, but they were no help. I got an e-mail from McAfee saying that someone would call back about the issue, but nobody ever contacted me.

                While watching the scan, I noticed that, for many hours, the files were listed as "windows.old".  I discovered from the Microsoft website that this folder had been created when I upgraded to Windows 7 and that I could delete it.  I deleted the folder and now the full scan takes about an hour.

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                  pls Check ur Asigned pagefile size of OS...


                  and tell me which macfee product you using..

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                    My pagefile size is 3839 MB.

                    I am using McAfee VirusScan Version 13.15

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                      Bixxell, what you suggested work very well. By deleting Windows old file I did a full scan in less than an hour that is down from the 10 to 12 hour time it used to take. I did find that with that Windows old file it would scan over 2 million files and folders. I don't understand that since I only removed 35 GB and it went down to scanning 94,600 files. I think it is the way Windows 7 is looking at the page file system on the old Vista files. It may be a Windows 7 glitch or McAfee glitch. Any point it now makes McAfee usable. There is another post running concurrent with this one, that addresses the same problem thanks again for the solution.



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                        I had the same experience -- with the Windows.old folder, McAfee scanned millions of files, but now it only scans a hundred thousand or so.  I don't understand it, either, but I am glad I could help!

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                          Thank you for keep us posted on the solution and we are Glad that your issue is resolved now....., it would be great if you could provide the Last Virus scan report. If you have any other issues/concerns with McAfee please do let us know and create a new thread


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