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    virus scan will not complete

      I have a current subscription to security center. The virus scan build is 13.11.102

      I had a HD failure and had to get a new one and reinstall all my programs. I installed McAfee on June 29 and had automatic scan set up for friday mornings. It worked on Friday July 3 fine. I had the computer shut off on Friday July 10 as I was out of town. When it tried to run on Friday July 17, it stopped at 8%. It does not always stop at the same file but it does stop around the same percentage amount, in my email folders. I tried several more times and got the same results. I did a search and tried to find the buttons to make it skip the email but can't find it. I tried virtual technician and every thing checked out. I updated by clicking the update buttons. I am able to do a partial scan, but not a complete scan as I have been doing for years. I have also always scanned my email with no problems before this.

      I am using XP media edition service pack 3, 2 megs of ram, and have 40 gigs free on the hard drive.

      Virtual technician session Id: 19267013
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          I've flagged that MVT session ID for a technician to look at.

          What happens if you try right-clicking that file or folder and select "Scan"?

          VirusScan can often freeze on a file that it can't unpack, usually because of corruption, it is a zipped folder of already compressed files, or because there are disk read errors.

          Try doing the following:

          Go to Start/Run and type chkdsk /r (with the space) or if there are several partitions, i.e. different lettered sections of the disk, type chkdsk C: /r (again with the spaces) where C: is changeable to whatever drive letter is applicable and then hit the Enter key.

          You will get a "Command Prompt" rejection stating that the volume is in use, try at next reboot Y/N? (or words to that effect). Type Y and hit Enter. Reboot and let it proceed.

          See if that helps.
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            It appears that there are a couple folders within my mail program that have a touch of corruption after being rescued from my other hard drive. I can still read them so will just try to save what I need and erase them from my mail so they won't mess up the scan.

            Thanks so much for the help!
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              I'll let you know how the MVT session ID reads just as soon as someone looks at it.
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                You got an all clear on the MVT session. Can I mark this solved then?