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    Tracking Cookies

      I've had McAfee Security Center for several years and keep it updated. I've noticed that for a long time now that it no longer finds and deletes tracking cookies. I've got the box checked to find and remove them. I've reinstalled security center recently and still it does not find any. I ran Superantispyware and malwarebytes because I was having other issues and it found many and removed them. Is this a problem with McAfee or are the tracking cookies the other programs found false positives. Here is a log file from a recent scan:
      C:\Documents and Settings\Crazy\Cookies\crazy@ad.m5prod[2].txt
      C:\Documents and Settings\Crazy\Cookies\crazy@tacoda[2].txt
      C:\Documents and Settings\Crazy\Cookies\crazy@unitedcountry[2].txt
      C:\Documents and Settings\Crazy\Cookies\crazy@ad.yieldmanager[1].txt
      C:\Documents and Settings\Crazy\Cookies\crazy@tracking.foxnews[2].txt
      C:\Documents and Settings\Crazy\Cookies\crazy@msnportal.112.2o7[1].txt
      C:\Documents and Settings\Crazy\Cookies\crazy@atdmt[2].txt
      C:\Documents and Settings\Crazy\Cookies\crazy@msnbc.112.2o7[1].txt
      C:\Documents and Settings\Crazy\Cookies\crazy@advertising[2].txt
      C:\Documents and Settings\Crazy\Cookies\crazy@doubleclick[1].txt
      C:\Documents and Settings\Nanny\Cookies\nanny@maxserving[2].txt
      C:\Documents and Settings\Nanny\Cookies\nanny@microsofteup.112.2o7[1].txt
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          It now only would remove them if they are regarded as a threat. That function can be done in your browser yourself without invoking McAfee.

          Most people prefer to keep some tracking cookies as that is how the browser remembers to sign you into various websites such as this one.
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            Thank you for putting me at ease. I was just concerned that at one time it found a dozen or so everytime it ran a scan and for the last year or so nothing.
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              I remember those days. Actually I used to find it annoying. But then each to their own.
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                    I wanted to ask about tracking cookies my McAfee scans are counting up. Two scans ago the count was 1200 cookies. There were 3200 tracking cookies the scan before last and 4500 cookies today. The virus removal section says zero were removed. Are they building up really fast or have they been removed and the numbver I see is a cumulative count?


                  OR, if they are building this fast, how do I remove them???





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                  It's cumulative I believe but it depends on what version of software you have as to how they are removed, stored or restored..


                  Cookies aren't usually harmful and in fact are an advantage when browsing as it's how a website remembers you.


                  The latest VirusScan seems not to have any way of not detecting them unfortunately.