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    McAfee Home Antivirus is not protected

      I'm having some confusion wherein, as I check my McAfee ANTI VIRUS at home it says "your computer is not updated"... and when I click update(s) it says you don't have any internet connection, however I do have internet connection moreover whenever I access http://www.mcafee.com or http://community.mcafee.com it says page cannot be displayed. Appreciate any help from everyone, Good times!
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          What is your operating system and service pack and are you totally up to date with both critical and non-critical updates? Also what version of Internet Explorer are you using? (Go to IE/Help/About). Plus how do you connect to the Internet?

          Try the following....

          Make sure that you system clock is accurate, both time and timezone-wise.

          As McAfee relies on an up to date Internet Explorer at its default settings to work best do the following whether I.E. is your default browser or not:

          If IE6 go to Tools/Internet Options

          Under the Security Tab make sure all zones are at default

          Under the Content Tab make sure Content Advisor is off

          Under the Advanced Tab make sure it is at default

          Click Apply and OK.

          If IE7 or 8 go to the Advanced Tab and click "Reset" then Apply and OK. OK any prompts you get.

          Close the browser and reopen it and then go to Tools/Manage Add-Ons and re-enable the add-ons.

          See if that helps.

          Other factors that can cause this would be having an old beta version of IE8 installed or any other protection software with active protection turned on or that you are behind a proxy (as in a University for instance).
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            Dear Ex_Brit,

            Some of my PC information are as follows:

            OS: Windows Vista Starter
            MCAFEE VERSION: Antivirus 2009
            SP: Service Pack 2 with 32-bit OS
            TYPE OF INTERNET CONNECTION: Broadband
            OTHER SECURITY: none
            SYMPTOM(S)/ BEHAVIOR: unable to access Mcafee website(s) even mcafee community.

            TROUBLESHOOTING: Change the PC time, UPT test, PING test, and entire system SCAN.
            PC CURRENT STATUS: Updated and protected.(Just check my PC at home before going to my work place, likewise I was able to access McAfee and other mcafee websites moreover as I refer to my Security center it says my PC is fully protected/ updated.) Will revert on you guys if anything happens. Thank you guys for the support, Goodtimes!:rolleyes:
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              OK good luck. There is always Technical Support Chat available 24/7 via link at top left of this page or in my signature.