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    Download Update failed


      As I was not at home, I didn't update dat file since 2 weeks.
      I tried to download the update yesterday : it's failed at 78% ( size ~ 45Mo it seems to be very very big size for a dat file !!!!! ).

      I know that my connection is obsolete but before I HAVE NO PROBLEM.

      Do you know if VirusScan is still compatible with low flow?

      If no, does it exist another way to update the soft?


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          It should work OK with a slow connection as long as your ISP hasn't set time limits or any other limitations on downloads. Updates are no longer small because of the complexity of malware these days and after 2 weeks would certainly be a substantial size.

          Make sure you have nothing set to shut down after some minutes have elapsed.

          The home products can only be updated that way, there is no manual method.
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            Unfortunately, it seems that it's the McAfee's server that disconnect me after ~3hrs of download...

            it seems there is no issue except another soft ?

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              Sorry, I wish I had some suggestions but most anti-virus applications need to update daily these days. I suggest you do an online search, or look into getting a faster connection if possible.

              Good luck.
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                I just thought you might like to know that manual updating via a download is now possible with the home products.




                BUT ONLY THE SUPERDAT WORKS - the second tab on that page.


                During the installation if your engine is already up to date it may throw up an error, ignore that and dismiss it.


                You should find on redisplaying the SecurityCenter that the DAT for VirusScan has updated.


                This is only for VirusScan or AntiVirus as it's now called.  Updates to other components and to SecurityCenter itself still have to come from the regular update methods.


                This just happened yesterday so I am posting this in as many threads on the subject that I can find.


                All the best ;-)