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    Cannot View Scan Results

      I've had this problem for a while and I kinda just ignored it expecting it to get fixed in an update later, but now its a real pain.

      I run a scan, normally a full scan and when it completes I will go to Security Center and see the results, Ex. Files scanned, Processes Scanned, Infected Files... etc.
      Then I will click details to hopefully get rid of the infected files, but the details page just flashes for a brief second and then I am sent back to the Home Menu.
      I can go back to the results page and click on the Details button over and over again and the same thing will happen.

      Before this wasn't so bad because I rarely get viruses, but i got one the other day and after seeing mcafee scan, AND find something, then being able to do nothing about it was very frustrating.

      And one more thing about this problem is that I recently moved to a new computer, from XP to Vista even, re-installed Mcafee on the new computer and I STILL get the same problem I had on my old computer.

      Any Suggestions?
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          Can u enlarge as to what path you are taking is it reports and logs /view logs and then scan log or detection log or is it restore and view the quarantined files?

          Or is it the summary shown at the end of a scan?
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            When a scan is complete I can click on the popup near the task tray and click, "View Scan Details". OR go to security center and click the scan button. Either way I end up at the page that says:
            "Scan Complete - Items Detected ...
            Click Details to fix these issues....
            Items Scanned: 35628
            Items Detected:1
            Items Fixed:0
            Items Quarantined:0
            Items Remaining:1
            I then have 3 options, Details, Full Scan, and OK.

            I click Details, window flashes the details page and then I am put back at the home page with the "Am I protected" thing.

            I can click on scan and be brought back to the page before, but if i click details again the same thing will happen.
            Finally I give up and just accept he results and it resets.
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              OK thanks will check mine now be back in 20 mins.

              Ok will take longer as I need to get something to be detected so will have to get a nasty to get detected. Without detection I get no details tab showing so will confirm if the tab works once detection happens.

              Ok downloaded the eicar test file and scanned the zip file. I get 1 detection and clicking on show details in popup gats the details tab shown. Clicking on the details tab immediately takes me to the virus detection listing so if you are going to the home page something is amiss.

              New install as well and same issue so something is causing it. Will ask around Monday phone call as well as on our private forum. Have you trie dthe chat option available from the Tech support link up the top Worth a try . They will ask you to reuninstall reinstall using the MCPR program in my signature. That is standard so they can remove that option so worth redoing this.

              I assume no other virus scanners been on this PC?

              Will check around.
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                Thank you for your help.
                I didn't use the live chat because I figured they would take me through the basics like reinstalling.
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                  Near certain they would if u do it or find an answer please post back. I will ask during our phone hook up Tuesday

                  You can click on restore and files and the virus could be quarantined there also try reports and logs and view log and detection log or scan information log. That should show what was found.
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                    Can you please run MVT the virtual Technician found on Tech support link top of page. Note session Number and post it here.

                    Also have u got any out of the ordinary Internet Explorer security settings ie set any security settings yourself and not used defaults.
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                      Also what IE version have installed?
                      There are a couple files I want you to run but havent got the time to insert them this morning please check back
                      Ok depending on IE version


                      Internet Explorer 6:[/B]

                      Download IERegFix.bat and save it to your desktop:


                      Locate IERegFix.bat on your desktop and double-click to launch.
                      Once launched, you will be presented with press any key to continue. To execute, press any key on your keyboard.

                      NOTE: This may take several minutes to complete.

                      When it has finished, you will see Action complete. Press any key to close. Press any key on your keyboard to close the IERegFix.bat.
                      Open McAfee SecurityCenter to see if the problem still persists.
                      Internet Explorer 7 and 8:
                      Reset IE7 settings: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/923737