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    scaning freezes on .xml files

      Hi all,
      New to the forum and have found lots of good stuff here but a cursory search didn't turn up my problem. The scan seems to load fine and has, in the past found numerous problems and fixed all of them but I've noticed when I select "full scan" the program seems to lock and even when I press "skip" it won't continue and I have to reluctantly cancel the scan. The files it locks on are .xml files in numerous language directories, typically after about 20% of the scan is complete. It doesn't happen on quick scan. My computer is virus free (as far as I know) but I'm concerned about the program's apparent inability to correctly scan these .xml files and then lock on them and only allow for a scan cancellation instead of just skipping these files.

      I have a Dell XPS 420 with Windows Vista Home Premium and 4 Gig of RAM. I don't believe there is a problem with these files but without getting past them, I can't do a full scan and it's kind of annoying.

      Thanks for any help
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          Please clarify,
          How old is the computer?
          Perform the disk defrag and disk cleanup in the system?
          Did you have any pop ups, alert or advertisement in the system?


          Try to run the free versions of Malware removal tool: http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php clean anything it detected.
          You can run the MVT and post the Session ID {http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/default.asp} here let me review and we will update you…
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            My PC is about a year old and I regularly run CCleaner and Super Antispyware on it and also Malwarebytes. Everything shows clean and again, McAfee runs fine in quick scan mode but hangs on these .xml files in full scan. What concerns me is that it won't let me press "ignore" on these files and continue with the scan. On a few occasions it's actually locked my PC to where I have to exit with Task Manager.

            My PC is virus and trojan free, of that I am certain. The file it locked on yesterday was ss_dellinfo.xml but the directory was truncated and I couldn't read where the file was sitting but I'm certain it was in a language directory.

            I will try running a full scan again tonight and see where it freezes again.
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              OK, I just ran the full scan again and it got farther tonight than last night but still locked on an xml file

              Further notes: I have run defrag regularly and there are no pop ups or cookies or other crap in my IE temp files, it is clean! I have eliminated (hopefully) all the usual suspects.

              Tonight it made it to 29% and stopped on C:\Program Files\Roxio\Photosuite10\video UI10\Content\DVD\4x3\Button\Beach Home.xml

              and once again, it would not let me "skip" the file and continue scanning. I had to cancel the scan. I don't even use the Roxio program and am contemplating just uninstalling it. But there are other programs that have xml files

              The file it stopped on is only 15K in size so it's not even a large file.

              BTW, I may have posted this thread in the wrong area. I'm actually running the latest version of Security Center, so if a mod wants to move it, that's fine, just let me know where you put it.
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                You can run the MVT and post the Session ID {http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/default.asp} here let me review and we will update you…

                Please forgive my ignorance but what is an MVT?
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                  He means run the Mcafee Virtual Technician at the link provided and note the session Id and post it here.
                  MVT found here
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                    Again, sorry for my ignorance but how do I post the results of the MVT scan?I saved it to my desktop as an HTML file but it won't let me attach it to this post.
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                      He was meaning the session ID number that way he can look it up on their server
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                        The only ID number I can find is the account ID and that number is 7644079. If that isn't it, then please let me know where to find the session ID. Thanks.
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                          Your McAfee Virtual Technician
                          Session ID:19030657
                          Related Files

                          Problem Log
                          Diagnostic Details

                          Or, select Continue to see more options for searching the Knowledge base.

                          If you decide to go to the Chat area, we will send session ID and a log of this session

                          This is what shown in grey box on Right hanh side of the MVT panel the session ID is shown here in my copy in red.
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