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    "safeboot has been corupted" error

      Hi all.

      My computer has two drives, C and D. C part contains system files and D contains personal data only.
      I ordered them to be encrypted, and it started encrypting.
      On starting, somehow it stopped. So, I restarted my computer. of course it gives an error,
      which freezes the process in Pre-boot.
      I detatched HDD from the PC and connected to other PC to find out encryption status.
      Luckly enough, I can see files in D part, because it's been partially encrypted.
      Therefore, I thought it would be OK to sweep out only C part, not disturbing D area.
      I used Norton Ghost to replace C area with a new partition image.
      After finishing copying, I restarted my PC. But, here is a problem.
      It gives an error saying "Safeboot has been corrupted".
      So, I instinctly realised it is because C area, in which contained a
      decryption information, was partially encrypted
      So, I tried booting with WinTech and do restore original MBR, but it didn't work.
      Is there anyway to solve this error?
      Files in D still remains safe, though.

      For your information, reinstalling whole drives(C and D) using Ghost works fine, but not partially

      Thanks for your help