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    Virus scan causing hanging apps

      Virus scan is "detecting" spy-agent.bw!mem in 6 files. In one case it removes it, 3 get quarantined, one wants me to do something (but won't let me) and in the last one, whatever action it's doing is terminated. After the scan, various apps including IE and Outlook Express hang. I have to re-boot. On some attempts at re-booting, I get the blue screen of death (memory dump sort of thing)

      Counter spy doesn't pick anything up at all.

      I've noticed when I watch the scan, the detections come up straight away, in something to do with root kit?

      Th trojan is found in a registry item (winlogon|userinit), and the other 5 in the system32 folder - ntos.exe, sdra64.exe, twex.exe, twext.exe and winlogon.exe.

      i'm running XP with service pack 3.

      I've tried contacting the virus removal team, bur that's a whole different problem.

      Anyone out there help?