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    Virus definitions not updated


      I am using a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop with Windows Vista O/S, Core 2 Duo Processor. I have a McAfee total protection installed. It did worked well. From last 3 days i am noticing in McAfee security center that the detection signature file is between 8 to 29 days old and the Anti-spam filtering content is not updated in last 7 days, though my computer is connected to internet everyday.

      The security center is checking for automatic updated and a pop-up is showing up with the message "Your programs are all updated" !!!

      When i click on the About tab of Security Center, i find that the Virus scan and Anti-Spam are indeed not updated after 06-06-2009.

      I tried doing the updates manually too. No success..!! I dont believe that McAfee has not released any updates since 6th June, 2009.

      Can somebody guide me in solving this problem?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Check that your system clock is accurate both time and timezone-wise.

          In Internet Explorer, whether or not you use it, go to Tools/Internet Options.Advanced and click "Reset".
          Click Apply and OK. Close and reopen IE.

          Re-enable all the add-ons through Tools/Manage Add-Ons.

          Check Windows Update for both critical and non-critical updates and apply them all.

          If Vista is unpatched with at least SP2 it is out of date, so if you need to apply the service pack please consult here: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=230866

          Try updating again.

          Also see: http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS100615&lang=en_US&prior_tid=2&An swerID=16777216&turl==http%3A%2F%2Fkb.mcafee.com%2Finfocenter%2Findex%3Fpage%3Dc ontent%26id%3DTS100615%26actp%3Dsear
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            Hi Peter,

            Thanks a lot for your kind help. I had pending updates for VISTA, SP2 (you were right in pointing that out). I had applied the service pack 2 and then followed your instructions to update McAfee but to no success. Then i had installed the full McAfee afresh. Its now up to date and no issues.

            Your instructions were very helpful.

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              Glad to help.
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                http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=231415 this thread is closed as the issue was sorted out. But now i notice that the virus definitions are not updated after the fresh installation. I do not think McAfee expects me to install the total protection each day.

                @Peter: Your suggestions were helpful but it seems the main problem lies somewhere else.

                Please help me solve this issue.

                Thanks in advance,
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                  Anil, I have reopened the old thread and then combined your new one with it.

                  Have you tried Technical Support Chat linked at top left of the page or in my signature? They are open 24/7 and can escalate the issue if necessary. They can even go into your machine to see what's wrong, with your permission of course.

                  What browser are you using and version (found under Help/About)? Give both your default and Internet Explorer versions please, if you are using something other than I.E.
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                    There's also another approach which I had forgotten I posted....getting a bit forgetful in my old age here..!

                    Try this: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=229135
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                      Hi Peter,

                      I have tried the safe mode option too. No use. The McAfee does not even try to update on its own. When i did the update manually by right clicking the task bar icon. It checks for updates and without even installing any thing, there is a message displayed that says "Your programs are updated". But in reality it does not update.

                      Fortunately, i had taken backup of the DAT folder before deleting the contents in safe mode. I have again copied that folder to VirusScan in McAfee. However, its the same old DAT (ver 5646 dt. 14.06.2009).

                      Regarding your suggestion of contacting Technical Support, online chat does not seem to work from my country, India. I am really surprised why did Dell give an antivirus for which i cant get full support. I have tried to use Virtual technician too, but when i click the program icon it only displays a blank page and does nothing.

                      I will try to write an email to the McAfee staff and hope to receive their help before some virus spoils my new laptop.

                      By the way, is it not possible to manually download latest DAT files from McAfee website and apply?

                      Thanks a lot for your help,

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                        I have another clue about what could have caused this problem. As i mentioned in my very first posting, the virus files did not update after 6th June. I was in Sweden till that time where the internet connection was not through a proxy server. However, from 7th June onwards i am using a internet connection which passes through a proxy server.

                        In FAQs of McAfee technical support, i found this relevant page http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=3081&id=TS100291

                        Could my problem be that the McAfee is not able to download the DAT files due to proxy? Please note that i am using google chrome and internet explorer 8; i have set the proxy authentication password saved in both the browsers. I gathered from your reply that McAfee uses IE for connecting to internet.

                        Hope this is a right clue to solve my problem.

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                          That is probably it. Are you at a University or similar institution? It might be possible to bypass the proxy oir get through it somehow but you would have to ask whomever handle the IT side of things.

                          Failing that contact Tecnical Support Chat linked at top left of the page or in my signature and let them know that TS100291 hasn't helped.S100291
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