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    Update Virus Defenitions

      Hi Everyone,
      I am new to McAfee just started using it and I need to further use Mcafee for my PC's ,
      Can Any one tell me that is it possible to update McAfee 2009 Virus definition if I dont have net connection in any of my other PC except one in which I have internet connections?

      I have 3 PC's out of which only 1 has net connectivity , I wan to install McAfee on all 3 PC however the other two dosen't have internet, so is there any way to update their Virus definitions if I download it on one PC with net connectivity and install that Definition on other two PC's ??

      Please Help me :confused:
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          That isn't possible with the home product I'm sorry. The machine(s) in question must all have Internet access. Updates occur at least once daily.
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            Ohh if this is not possible then what would be the best solution for this ? Could you please tell me ??
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              The only McAfee product that can be updated manually is the Enterprise (Corporate) version and you have to purchase multiple licenses for that which would be very expensive..

              Your questions would be best put to a neutral security forum such as Geeks To Go or Major Geeks or Bleeping Computer, somewhere like that.
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                Actually, there is a way to integrate newer DAT/ENGINE updates into the Virus Scan Plus (VSP) install files, then burn back to CD so that it can be installed on a PC that may not be able to connect to the internet. Its not an easy or straight-forward way, but it can be done.

                You'll need a working PC in order to install VSP and download the update files, which I will refer to as the technician PC. In Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View Tab, make sure to select:

                - Display the contents of system folders
                - show hidden files and folders

                And deselect:

                - hide protected operating system files

                Install VSP on the technician PC and select 'download latest program updates from the internet' when prompted during install. The update files will be downloaded to a temporary folder named McUDITemp, the location of which will be different for XP and Vista. On Windows XP, the location is (assuming C: is the letter of your OS/system drive):

                C:\Documents and Settings\{current user profile}\Local Settings\Temp\

                On Windows Vista, the location is (assuming C: is the letter of your OS/system drive):

                C:\Users\{current user profile}\AppData\Local\Temp\

                Navigate to the aforementioned directory in Windows Explorer. The Mcafee installer should provide a download progress window (approx. 80MB will be downloaded). When the progress meter reaches 100% complete, wait for about five seconds (to make sure all files have been decompressed), then copy the entire McUDITemp folder to a different location, such as C:\TEMP\ or even the desktop. You must copy this folder to a different location because Mcafee setup will delete the original temporary download directory after install is complete.

                Installation of VSP will proceed because there is no way to cancel the install once you reach this point. Uninstall VSP after setup is finished (or not, whichever you prefer).

                Search the McUDITemp folder and locate the following files:


                These are updated DAT and scan engine CAB files for the Virus Scan component only. Just copy these into the installation source files and overwrite/replace the older ones. Burn the installation files back to CD and you're good to go. When you install VSP onto another computer, it will have and use the latest security definitions and scan engine.

                Note: this only applies to 32-bit versions of XP or Vista. 64-bit versions would need to use vsoeng64.dat for the scan engine, but the definition files (vsodat.cab) should be the same.
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                  Thanks for posting that. I had since ascertained that it was possible - after a fashion, however as this is a convoluted method & as it's considered to be rather complicated for the average user as far as McAfee is concerned the official answer is still no it can't be done.

                  The disadvantage here is that the interface will not reflect the update or so my experts tell me.

                  The method that we were given is here: http://community.mcafee.com/showpost.php?p=562147&postcount=13

                  Again the interface will not show any change and will still indicate it's out of date.

                  Conclusion, manually updating the home products properly is not possible and hasn't been since VirusScan 10.
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                    It is possible to manually update but as stated, it is unsupported since most normal users may break something. For technical people like tcsenter, you can simply download the AVV DATs you need and create a new folder and place the files there. Then change a registry entry that indicates the version (optional, this is for the updater and UI) and the path to the new DATs. You will need to restart the McShield service for this update to take effect. Since most users do not have the permission to do this (for security reasons), it's best to just restart the computer.

                    Warning: Incorrect use of the Registry can break or disable your computer.
                    The registry key that contains the location of the Engine and DAT files is posted below.

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                      Nope, Security Center reports the correct DAT and engine versions:

                      I verified this on both XP and Vista (32-bit). The application versions are not updated but we don't need them to be. Just the AV DAT and scan engine are all we're concerned about for this scenario. In fact, I would normally have deselected Personal Firewall and SiteAdvisor during installation, since it is assumed the target PC cannot connect to the internet (for whatever reason), thus these components aren't really required to scan for viruses and malware.
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                        Well let's hope it all works for the OP. Thanks.
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                          I'm not certain, but I assume the correct DAT and engine info is reported because we are using digitally signed CAB files obtained directly from McAfee, rather than extracting the files and inserting them manually (which breaks the authentication stuff).
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