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    VirusScan update disables internet connection sharing (XP MC 05)

      Hello All,

      I'm running two connections through my computer, a wireless USB adapter that goes out to a router and then the internet, and a second connection through my on-board ethernet card that goes out to a second machine. I connect to the net on the second machine through internet connection sharing on the first. This arrangement worked perfectly up until last Friday, and now doesn't work at all.

      Using a system restore, I was able to determine that a McAfee update run Friday evening was what killed this connection. Beyond that, I have no idea what happened. Does anyone on here know what that update changed, and how I can tell McAfee to allow this connection (BTW: running XP media center edition 2005)? I'd like, obviously, for McAfee to continue to monitor the situation and to update itself normally, but I really can't have it choking this other computer off. If someone would kindly offer a little insight into this situation, I'd be greatly appreciative.

      Thanks for your time on this.