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    auto update not working

      i was on here in april about the auto update not working & having to manual update instead. haven't had time to deal with it. ex_brit was nice enough to reply, unfortunately the problem wasn't solved. i ran virtual tech a couple of times, no problems found, & un-installed virus scan plus'09 & re-installed it. still doesn't work. i have the LATEST build, dat v, & engine. i've done the online chat twice, with no results. i can't afford the "pay tech support" which is ridiculous to charge paying customers for. i won't even get into that. all the services for mcafee are set to automatic. i scrolled through the REGISTRY checking all the mcafee keys & i think i've found the problem. in local machine>software>mcafee>msc>update: the "downloads" key & "installs" key both have listed under "data: invalid dword value". anytime the word "invalid" is listed in a registry key, thats not good. i don't know if i'm on to something or not with this. if anyone out there working for mcafee can reply with some info on these two registry keys & let me know if this could be the problem & how to correct it, i would GREATLY APPRECIATE it. if i don't reply soon after, pls check back to this thread from time to time to check my replies, as i would like to resolve this problem once and for all so i don't have to keep manually updating. THANX for your TIME/HELP.
      (OS>xp>sp3>ff3>ie7>safari 4) p.s. mcafee came loaded on this pc in "06,renewed in 07 & 08. the auto update hasn't worked since renewing in dec.'08. i've also reset ie7 to factory settings as i was told that mcafee depends on ie.
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          Jeff, it's the weekend, again. The best bet is to contact Technical Support Chat and have them escalate the issue if necessary. They can remotely connect with your computer.

          There is no need to pay for Technical Support unless you want to actually speak live with a person. That would be the same for any protection software company.

          Noone here knows anything about whatever registry keys should be this or that.

          It sounds to me very much like something is corrupting McAfee. This can happen with the use of registry cleaners, which I recommend against using, infections, which I assume you've checked for, and competing software....do you have any?

          Updates can also fail if you are behind a proxy server.

          McAfee also relies heavily on Internet Explorer being up to date and set to its default settings, whether or not you use it or have it set as the default browser.

          I hope your system is totally up to date.
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            thanx for the reply again ex_brit. i don't have another anti-virus program on here, no proxy server, or infections i know of either. i've got a few anti-spyware programs that work pretty well that shouldn't cause incompatability. i learned last fall not to mess with reg cleaners as they can delete the good as well as the bad. auto updates for windows, etc. are always on. the two invalid reg keys that deal with the updates has to be the problem. how they got that way i obviously don't know. the online chat takes forever with having to type in the problem & then wait for the responses. besides, they just read basic info from a check list, i doubt they have any info on these two reg keys. i'll just have to manually update once a week till dec when it expires & i'll find another anti-virus program to use. if you could check your reg for these 2 keys & let me know what yours has listed, i would really appreciate it. you can get them from my first post. all i have to do is modify them if thats the problem. if you don't have the time, thats ok. i'll just have to live with it for another 6 months. thanx again for the reply.
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              OK I'm in Windows 7 at the moment and I should check those keys in the same system that you are using, so what is it, Vista, XP or..?

              Plus I assume you mean Hkey_Local_Machine by "local machine" ?
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                OK just saw XP SP3...it's difficult to read your posts without punctuation etc. Let me boot into that and I'll look at those registry keys.
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                  Well those keys state exactly the same in my XP SP3 installation so it can't be that. Are you signed in as Limited User by any chance? I believe updates only occur in Admin level accounts, but I could be wrong. As I said, at the weekend there isn't anyone to ask.
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                    thanx for checking your registry. i was hoping those two reg keys were the problem. i'll have to try the online chat 1 more time & i'll try a complete un-install/re-install 1 more time also. if neither work, i'll just have to manually update once a week till it expires in dec.
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                      If you do an uninstall/reinstall, run the MCPR tool linked in my signature. If it gives any error run it a second time. Reboot afterwards of course.