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    false positives


      I use a program called Strat-o-matic Baseball. McAfee and Norton users have found that a file called actman.dll is being flagged as a false positive. This causes the program to crash. This has been reported to McAfee by the company that makes the game along with many users of the program. When McAfee sends a special .dat file to correct this and it stops...what would cause a subsequent .dat file update to start flagging this file again?

      Also is there the possiblility that McAfee is going to give back a feature to "trust" files along with programs so you can make exceptions for files that you don't want quarantined?

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          Vinod R

          The simple way of getting it fixed would be to get as many people as possible to submit samples of that file on webimmune.net...

          if the research team sees the same file being submitted by a large number of people then it will be looked at pretty fast....
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            Many have done this. Why do some systems with McAfee flag this file while others do not? If their .dat files are up to date why would some systems flag it while others let it go by?

            SOM even went to the trouble of changing something in their .dll so that it wouldn't flag in McAfee. Now an update to their .dat files has started it flagging again.

            It is also being stated here that they removed the ability to exclude files and folders from the scan process because of security issues...why Norton has this ability and McAfee doesn't seems strange. If it was such a security risk..symantec wouldn't do it either.