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    Some Components Are Missing.  Please Reinstall.

      It seems like since the beginning of the year, I have had to reinstall McAfee four or five times. I keep getting a red 'x' that brings me to the what seems to be the dreaded 'components are missing. Please reinstall' quote. I reinstall the whole security suite, but after what seems like a few days or two weeks at most the same error comes back. I've clicked the 'fix' button which does nothing. Every option I try seems to loop the software back to a 'update' mode where it tries to 'download virus scan'. It says it downloads the whole thing, but when it goes to 'install' it, absolutely nothing happens. The circling arrow disappears, and I'm left sitting with a red 'x' again. I also tried the virtual technitian. My session id is 18228857. I have the Mal-warebytes, but I can't see how that would interfere with the software as I have to activate it myself. Plus, I have the same setup on another computer and it works together fine. I feel as if I'm going in circles. Help!
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          Please let us know the following information:

          1. What is the version of McAfee installed in your computer?
          2. Is it giving a Missing Components error or VirusScan or any other programs?
          3. What is your Operating System – Windows Vista (or) XP?
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            My OS is Windows XP Professional. The types of things that are coming up are in the security center as red warnings mostly. They now say that 'realtime scanning is disabled, detection file signature is more than 30 days old, spyware, potentially unwanted programming scanning disabled, IM and scrip scanning are disabled and buffer overflow scanning disabled'. Before, it was more or less, only saying that my detection file signatures were more than 30 days old. It would try to update, and it just wouldn't install it. It would say it was installing 'McAfee Virus Scan', but it wouldn't do it. Also, how do I find what version I have? I go to the 'about' section, and it gives me Security Center 8.1, VirusScan 12.1, and Personal Firewall 9.1. I have reinstalled McAfee from the Comcast website several times, but this fixes nothing.
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              Please clarify,

              Did you receive any kind of alert/advertisements or pop-ups in the computer?
              Please post the IP address that you get after ping the McAfee site (Start-Run-CMD-ping download.mcafee.com)


              Perform the McAfee Virtual Technician in both computer and post the session ID http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/default.asp