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    Prior McAfee install causes registration problems

      Lately we discovered a problem at one of our customers when trying to register the McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2009 package. The registration process (as with several other McAfee users) doesn't seem to work properly. We have noticed that most of these cases are caused bij the fact that they have had an older version of Mc Afee Virus Scan installed on the computer before.

      Tommorow we are going to try to use the following workaround:

      Does anyone have any experience with this problem? Hope to hear from you!

      J. Peeters
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          Yes, it's a fairly well known issue.. ALWAYS uninstall the previous version of VirusScan before installing the new version.. Don't depend on the new version to correctly identify or correctly uninstall the previous program.

          The correct uninstall process depends entirely on the previous version of VS.. There are correct uninstall instructions for such we'll need to know the specifics of the old version.. Version number, retail or corporate, etc. For retail versions, doing a little research for the MCPR.exe removal tool might help.. As to the corporate versions, we'll need the version number to provide the manual removal instructions.

          Hope this helps.

          • 2. ofcourse
            Well we did uninstall al previous software from mcafee or any other virusscan vendor.

            What we did to solve the problem was a combination of 2 solutions offerd on this forum.

            1) First kill all processes in use by mcafee, pretty much everything starting with mc.....exe

            2) Then rename the SYSPREP folder to SYSPREP_1.

            3) Then run C:\Program Files\McAfee\MSC\mcregist.exe (note takes a while to respond sometimes)

            4) Use a e-mail adres not registered with the previously installed mcafee product to register.

            That did the job for us,

            Hope this will help others.

            J. Peeters