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    dat 5604?

      Expected dat 5604 on Sunday, but I'm still only showing dat 5603 now on Monday.
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          That's not unusual, most probably a server issue. Just have a little patience.
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            They sometimes withdraw DAT's for whatever reason, that could be what's happened here.
            • 3. dat 5604?
              Thanks to you both for your timely replies.

              Will wait it out as suggested.

              It would be nice to see a listing of withdrawn dats posted on a web page, then worry warts like me could stop giving themselves ulcers.
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                I agree, but getting Avert to clean up their act is like pulling teeth out of a conscious hippopotamus, if you get my drift.
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                  Finally got an update. It was dat 5605 dated 5-4-09. Never did get dat 5604.
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                    I have seen you state that many times but if there is something wrong with the dat file why are they still always on download page for corporate users? It is after 8:30 pm sunday and still only have fridays 5609 dat. 5611 is still on corporate download page so if something is wrong it should not be there either.
                    PS 5610 dat for saturday was never off the dowmload page either.
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                      I have no idea. They don't ever tell us why they behave this way. That download page is for the Enterprise product, which is a totally different application.
                      • 8. Old DAT-file
                        I've still got DAT-file 5609 from May 8th on both my computers (Windows 2000 Pro and Windows XP), while my McAfee software tells me it has searched for updates on May 11th.

                        According to this website http://vil.nai.com/vil/DATReadme.aspx McAfee has already released DAT-file 5611 on May 10th.

                        Is there something wrong with the updating-process on my computer (again)? Or is McAfee just really slow in spreading the DAT-files on all the servers around the world?

                        Security Center: 9.3
                        Build: 9.3.151
                        Last update: 17-4-2009

                        Virusscan: 13.3
                        Build: 13.3.127
                        Update: 8-5-2009
                        DAT-version: 5609.0000
                        DAT-creation date: 8-5-2009
                        Engine version: 5301.4018

                        Update check: 11-5-2009
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                          Once again with feeling...that web page is for Enterprise customers, not home users.

                          No there is nothing wrong. Auto-updating happens when it happens. If a DAT is missed out, then it's missed out. They don't give us reasons.

                          It will update when it's ready to and when the servers are loaded with the new DAT, whatever number it is.
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