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    Real time scan down again

      This is the third time in 6 weeks this has happened. Real Time Scanning gets locked in paused mode and it can't be changed. I've clicked on the "fix" in the security center to try to correct it, I've rebooted, I tried VT. NOTHING WORKS!!!!!! It keeps coming back "one or more errors could not be fixed", DUH

      I also tried to get through to Tech support. That "go to assist" thing is a joke!!! It can't be downloaded, not automatically nor manually. Thusly I can't get through to Tech support either. This is getting beyond ridiculous!! I just spent 6 hours downloading it and getting it back up and running last week. What is causing this problem and when is it going to get fixed?????
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          Vinod R

          Did you say .... you were not able to contact the chat support since the gotoassist was not downloading?

          What is the operating system that you are using?
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            That's exactly what I'm saying.

            I'm running Vista Home Premium, service pack 1 NOT installed.

            I can't download much of anything because virus scan is trying to update. Unfortunately that little arrow on the task bar just goes round and round, downloading NOTHING, meanwhile it makes it so anything else I try to download take 5 times as long as it should. Example: the "go to assist" That is a 900kb file, should take no more that 3 minutes with a 56k modem. It took almost 15 minutes and twice before I could get it downloaded I got "Web page has requested a timeout". It didn't pick up where it left off, so I cleared the temp file and started all over again. If I didn't clear the temp file then it said it was already there. Only part of it was but the Temp folder cannot distinguish that from finished, it goes by the file name, not size.
            This also is slowing my page loading to a crawl. Pages load at normal speed until the arrow appears on the task bar. Real Time Scan remains in "Paused" mode. It will not allow me to change it. To answer an anticipated question, Yes I have administrative privilege and no my computer is not password locked.
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              Vinod R

              Is this a HP computer?
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                No it's an Acer Aspire, it has a dual quad processor. HP didn't have anything like that, at least not that I could afford. What difference should that make?? It ran fine a few days ago. This isn't a compatibility issue. I might run along fine for weeks then I get an update that screws the whole thing up again.
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                  Am I ever going to be able to use this program with having to reinstall it again????
                  It's been down for 2 weeks now. I can scan, nor is my computer protected .
                  I can't seem to get any help with it. I got an e-mail from support saying they had opened a support ticket, but that's the last I heard from them. Am I the only one experiencing this problem????