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    Accidental usage of Safetech on EEPC 5.1.9 Client

      One of my engineer has accidentally used Safetech and tried emergency boot on EEPC 5.1 client. After this, PC is rebooting with Blue Screen….:mad:

      Now I have tried the below option from Wintech how ever results are not good…

      Get Disk Information: Error=e002000a, Though it shows the starting and ending sector details.

      Repair Disk: error = e0050001 – Safeboot Client Not Activated

      Set Safe Original MBR: error= e0050001 – Safeboot Client Not Activated

      Crypt sector: error= e002000a SafeBoot disk information not present

      Can you please help me how do I get this PC back to normal?:confused:

      I need to know the definite solution/steps to resolve these kinds of issues in future.:rolleyes: