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    Not installing due to no internet but internet connected

      Hey all,

      Trying to install Virus scan plus 2009 on my laptop but once i've downloaded the DMSetup, it wont let me download the software saying my internet is not connected, and yet i sit here now and everytime i try to download the software fully connected to the internet with excellent signal strength!

      I'm puzzled at why this is happening and would appreciate any help.

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          Please clarify,

          Did you made any changes to the computer in recent past?
          Did you experience any spyware alert or advertisement in the computer?
          Did you have any protection software in the computer (Norton, Spybot-S&D….)?
          Steps can be tried
          Update the Windows including the optional update.
          Try to perform the McAfee preinstall tool and then try to install the DM setup let us know if it works
          http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/McPreInstall.e xe
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            Hi Bala,

            Thanks for replying.

            In answer to your questions. I've made no changes to my computer recently, I did have a free 30 day trial of norton before I tried to install McAfee - but i uninstalled it when prompted to by the McAfee installation wizard, then restarted as per the wizard and the installation wizard as promised was there once the computer had restarted. Then the wizard froze. It was then that I attempted to start the DMsetup again and get the very annoying message 'cant download software as internet not connected.' Since then nothing it's been the same message.

            Today mozilla firefox now won't connect to the internet and now I dont even get the 'cant connect to internet message - instead just a blank screen when I open DMsetup.
            Explorer will work and the internet is connected, hence how I'm replying but this is all very strange and confusing to me!

            Also I tried the pre-install and then DMsetup but same cant connect to internet message. Also ran a spyware check and it came up with only 4 adaware alerts which were removed. Windows is fully up to date.

            Any help is much appreciated.

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              Hi Smu,

              Sorry for delayed replay, please clarify,
              What is the version of Operating system OS you use?
              How do you connect to the Internet (DSL, Dialup, cable)?
              Steps can be tried:
              Run the Norton removal tool from the following link
              Check for any trace of Norton in the system
              Try to run the free versions of tool: http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php clean anything it detected.