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    Please Help Can't Scan

      i was having problems with my computer starting up. so when i got it to start up i decided to run a scan and saw that i wasn't fully protected, when i clicked fix the problems it says cannot fix problems because of an error. so then i decided to scan the computer for a virus and when i try and scan i get a error message saying "scanning has encountered a problem which cannot be recovered" and aslo says scan can not start. please help i am worried
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          Please clarify,

          How old is the computer? Did you have any issue with pop-ups or alert in the computer?
          Can we have the Version of McAfee software installed in the computer (Open Security center->Click on the about button on the bottom Right hand panel of Security center ->Check the Build number for the)?
          What is version of Internet Explorer (IE) you use?
          Try to perform the windows update including Optional update (open the Internet Explore Click Tools->windows update)
          Perform the MVT in the computer and post the session ID through the link below