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    Computer not Protected after Installing

      Hi there.....on 3/27 I bought mcafee av software....on 3/28 it was due to expire. I downloaded on 3/27 mcafee av (which took 5 hours, I quess that is normal) On 3/28 I got billed for 2 years which they promptly refunded. ( I didn't realize that they automatically charge you, which is nice, but I didn't know)

      The question is....I keep getting pop ups saying it's time to renew and I have an x on my mcafee icon. So, I am not protected eeks! When I go to my mcafee account there are two boxes with dates and a download button in each. Do you think I downloaded the expired one and not the other one? (the one that is up to date and paid for?)

      And if I click on the correct button, will it uninstall the expired software and replace with the good one?

      signed, blonde and confused :)
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