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    Instances of Real-Time scanning disabled

      A couple times McAfee has told me that my Real-Time scanning has been disabled. Could that be because of me not performing a full computer scan in over 30 days? (That's because of another computer issue) Clicking the Fix button solves it, but it usually tells me again a week later that the real-time scanning has been disabled, and my McAfee icon looks black and green. I have done Quick Scans using McAfee and Quick Scans using Windows Defender, and it says my computer is running normally, no infected software found. McAfee does tell me in my Computer and Files section that they need attention: haven't done a full computer scan in over 30 days. Is that why my scanning has been disabled?
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          It shouldn't be the cause. There have been instances where I haven't done a scan for over 30 days, but I have also disabled the alert for that issue. I don't know if that makes a difference. It shouldn't, but you never know.

          It's possible that you're infected. I suggest a full scan with updated definitions. If you don't find anything, you can try scanning with free MBAM and SAS.

          Is there perhaps some interaction between Windows Defender and McAfee ? I haven't used Windows Defender since I found out it was a lame program (Windows XP). Do you use Vista or XP ?

          Anyway, what version of the SecurityCenter do you use ? In version 9.3 'FIX' supposedly works, but not always in previous versions.

          This disabling of real-time scanning, in what kind of situations does it occur ? I think I've seen it with a bad update, but I'm not sure.
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            I use Windows Vista, SecurityCenter 9.3. This has happened 2 times in the past 2 weeks, once a week. I just open my computer from "sleep" mode, and it says that the real-time scanning has been disabled. Clicking Fix solves it. I just don't know why it happens. Maybe it is because of bad updates, I have no clue. I am saving money to get my computer checked out. Hope I'm not infected! Nothing from my scans of Windows Defender or Quick McAfee scans tells me I'm infected. Hmmm, don't know.
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              While I could suggest scanning your computer thoroughly, try a complete/full (or whatever it's called) scan by McAfee, and free MBAM and SAS, online scan by A-Squared, I suspect that's not the problem.

              I suspect that McAfee has issues with 'sleep mode' (is that the same as hibernation?).
              It would not surprise me if 'sleep mode' conserves resources to such an extent that McAfee's real-time scanning is disabled, deliberatly or because of lack of resources.

              In fact, I think I've seen a post like this in which 'sleep mode' disabled real-time scanning.

              Btw, I have never used 'sleep mode' or hibernation.
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                Hey, thanks for replying again! Maybe that is the problem. I've been using Sleep mode because after leaving my computer on for awhile I usually come up and find it off (that's why I'm having it taken in to be checked out). So, that's why I put it in sleep mode.
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                  Do you mean that the computer shuts down on its own ? Not just a black or deactivated screen, but the computer itself ?

                  I suppose there could be many reasons for that, one being that McAfee has the ability to shut down the computer on its own. (Windows XP here). If I perform a full scan I can see an option (while the scan runs) to have McAfee shut down the computer after the scan. Perhaps you have scans scheduled (unknowingly), and at the end of a scan McAfee shuts down the computer ?

                  That's the only thing I can think of besides 'having it taken in to be checked out'.
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                    Your lucky, at least clicking on the fix button works. Mine comes back and says there are one or more errors that cannot be fixed.

                    My problem is Real time scan gets stuck in "paused" mode and can't be reactivated. This happens EVERY BLESSED TIME McAfee sends out an update of the whole security center. I've yet to find any kind of answer for the problem. All McAfee says is: OOPS it must have sent out a "bad update". Fat lot of good that does, it means I have to go to all the trouble of uninstalling, running the clean up tool then taking hours to reinstall. That's IF their website is in a good mood and will even let me access my account. I have yet to try to download from there without issues too.
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                      Anyone know what this means? It shows under my Windows Security Center's Malware Protection section: Virus Protection: 8vfrv+n097/p90k/6ffvv+n35eC/ reports that it is up to date and virus scanning is on. Is this a McAfee update? I have updated McAfee, and have run McAfee Virtual Technician, which says all my things are fine. Know anything about the above?