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    Can't Scan Using Virus Scan

      I have Virus Scan Plus Build 13.3.117. I cannot initiate a scan of my computer, nor can I establish a schedule for scans to occur. When I check the days I wish the scans to occur, the "Apply" button does not activate. When I click on OK, then exit and return, none of the scheduled days that I had selected are checked. I cannot run restore to get access to and delete quarantined files. I have run the Registry Fix, Reset my IE Advanced Options, removed and reinstalled Virus Scan Plus and run MCPR.exe. Nothing has changed. I used the on-line chat help, and I was instructed to go to Safe Mode and run Virus Scan. Virus Scan will not run in Safe Mode. It says it will not due to an error. The Security Center says the computer is not protected, but when the Fix button is activated, it cannot fix the issue due to an unspecified error. Does any of this sound familiar? I have scanned the computer using the Microsoft Malicious Software Tool and have found no issues. I can only think there may be a conflict somewhere, but I just don't know where
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          please run the mcafee virutal technican in my signature and kindly post the session ID...

          double check if you have other security software that may be conflicting with mcafee... if you have other antivirus programs... try uninstalling them see if it makes any difference...
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            I ran Virtual Technicial. It said some problems could not be fixed, but the Results window was blank. The Session ID was 17112358. I did have Panda ActiceScan installed, but uninstalled it. I then reinstalled Virus Scan, but the issues persist. I did find that if I go to My Computer, I can right click on a Drive or file and select scan to perform a scan, but that is the only way I can inititate a manual scan. I also found that the default scan time of 4AM Friday does work, as there were scan results that morning. But I can't add to or alter that default schedule. Any ideas?
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              looking at the result of the MVT i think it's best that you uninstall and reinstall your mcafee product... when doing an uninstall i would recommend that you run first the mcafee removal tool... then go through the installation through us.mcafee.com.

              by the way what is the operating system of your computer and its service pack?

              also what is the version of your Internet explorer?
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                I uninstalled and reinstalled VirusScan. In between operations, I also ran MCPR.exe. (This is the 3rd time I've done that). Same issues persist. Can't manually run a scan other that to right click a file and select Scan, can't run Restore (get error pop-up msg), etc.

                I run Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600.

                Internet Explorer is Version 7.0.5730.13, Build 75730

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                  please try running the patch below... see if it works...


                  by the way, do you have other security softwares installed in the computer?
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                    I've run that Registry Fix in the past. I ran it again now, but still no change. It seems that the scan default is set for Friday at 4AM, and there is no longer a means to establish a differend schedule, or to do a manual scan. It also bothers me that the Restore function aborts due to an error. Makes me wonder if something has purposely disabled that functionality

                    The only other security software I run is Windows Defender. But in the past, Virus Scan ran fine next to Windows Defender

                    EDIT: There is a thread I just saw in the Virus Scan 13 section titled "Clicking on 'Scan' opens 'Protection Status' instead". This is my problem, but reading the instructions, I am not sure how to execute what the poster is suggesting. Can you helP?
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                      4. if one or all scripts are missing you'll have to recreate them; if permissions are incorrect they'll need to be reset. i'm not an expert with this so i would suggest you try contacting your manufacturer or microsoft

                      hope this helps...

                      NOTE: you can try uninstalling IE7 to go back to IE6, then try running IEREGFIX or IEFIX again... link for IEFIX is found in this thread. make sure that you have uninstalled IE7 before running the tool.

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                        Did work.
                        Till now.....

                        Can't use virus "scan".
                        When I click on "scan", it defaults to the "Protection Status" page.
                        No "scan" begins nor is the page for it activated.

                        ALSO the "HELP" feature will not open and gives the following "can not open" warning:

                        Cannot open the file:mk:@MSITStore:C:PROGRA~1\McAfee\MSCV\1033\Help\mcafee.chm.

                        Today I get the message:

                        "An error occured and you must restart McAfee Backup and Restore"

                        but when I try to do so, the same message appears.

                        BTW: I see VirusScan 11, 12, 13 listed on the Forum. How can I tell which version I have??

                        Many thanks in advance for your time!