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    Is my e-mail scanner working

      I have Virus Scan 13.3 installed. In the e-mail configuration, it shows that e-mail messages and attachments are scanned but I do not see any tray icon when receiving or sending messages. So I am not sure if the messages are getting scanned at all. Usualy the message icon should be displayed when in use with the progress also being shown.

      Is there any way to confirm if the messages are being scanned while being downloaded. I use Outlook Express 6 and use gmail and yahoomail accounts. My OS is windows XPSP3 and use popmail for incoming servers in OE6.

      My worry is due to the fact that even Norton security packages do not scan SSL messages (gmail and yahoomail use SSL).

      Will appreciate guidance.

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          I don't recall ever seeing an extra icon over and above the normal one , except when updates are occurring of course, so not sure as to which icon you refer.

          Yes your email is scanned - open the Security Center to check if all is well, if there's a green tick you are OK. It should look like the attached thumbnail (click to enlarge, note that I don't have spam protection installed):
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            The green tick mark is there. However, is there any way to confirm that the e-mail is being scanned while being downloaded and not after it is opened for reading? Is there any test link with a known virus which may be downloaded to check the effectiveness of the scanner?

            I am requesting for verification due to the reason that I had Norton installed earlier. There also the option for e-mail receiving / sending scanning was showing as "on". It also had the option to select that the notification for e-mail scanning and its progres would be seen in the tray icon. However, no indication was ever seen by me during mail exchanges. After going through the Norton forum, I found out that the SSL activated mails (e.g. gmail and yahoomail which require SSL authentication) could not be scanned by Norton when using Outlook Express as mail client.

            This is the reason I removed Norton and have installed McAfee hoping to see the scan in progress. By the tray icon, I mean a pop up window (similar to the update pop up window) to show that e-mail scanning is in progress. I remember seeing such a pop up earlier with version 8 couple of years back. It is important to know if McAfee supports scanning of SSL authenticated mails. I could not find any such detail in the "help" section of the VS13.

            Will appreciate further guidance. Regards.
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              Well I do know for sure that there is no email scanning icon, but as for SSL I will have to ask.
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                I checked with McAfee support and have received the reply regarding SSL connected mail exchange. None of the McAfee programmes (virus plus, Internet security or Total protection) scan e-mail if the mail client is using SSL. That means if one is using Outlook express for sending or downloading gmail or yahoomail - the mails will not be scanned because these require SSL connection.

                Here is the link sentby Mcafee to see the detailed explanation:


                I understand that all mail so downloaded would only be scanned for viruses once you try to open them on your computer. This is the same mode of operation with Norton anti virus protection also as far as SSL connected mail exchanges are concerned.

                Hope this information would be useful for all.
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                  Glad you found that explanation and sorry I failed to. At least you are are still protected should you open something that is infected. I'm also glad that we stand in common with Norton on that issue.

                  There is a school of thought out there that email scanning is an unnecessary extra "icing on the cake" - if you Google is email scanning necessary there are many hits.

                  I prefer to leave it on anyway but don't use gmail and my Yahoo & Hotmail is filtered enroute to me by a spam filtering service who have their own virus protection anyway.
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                    You are right. The real time protection provided by McAfee and Norton should be good enough for the PC even if an infected virus is downloaded (not necessarily a spam mail) via e-mail attachments. I was using older versions of McAfee earlier which used to show scan window for non-SSL mails. Now when I am using the new version, I was a little apprehensive, hence started this thread - at least have managed to get my doubts cleared thru discussions here. You may want to close this thread now and shift to 'solved' category.

                    Thanks for your help. This is a great forum and you guys are doing a wonderful job as co-ordinators. Keep it up.

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                      Thanks for the support which is always welcome considering all the bricks we usually get thrown at us...!!

                      The only trouble with the home product as it is now is, if you turn off email scanning, it sends up warning signals which can't be turned off. Just as well I suppose.

                      Anyway I guess I close this topic?