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    Detection Signature file is more than 30 days old

      I have a neighbor that has a Dell 2400 computer with windows XP Home, and McAfee Security installed. I am not familar with McAfee so copied the following for information: Security Center, version 9.3, Build 9.3.137, Last update 3/2/2009; VirusScan, version 13.3.115, Last update 3/7/2009, DAT creation date - 3/7/2009, Engine version 5300.2777; and Personal Firewall, version 10.3, Build 10.3.106, Last update - 3/2/2009

      The initial error was "the detection signature file is more than 30 days old. Even though she tried updating the signature file, when it was finished, the same error came up again. I also noted that in the security console it had the following: Computer and Files, Action Required, and Email and IM, Action Required.

      The neighbor had obtained some trouble shooting information about renaming the existing DAT folder to DATold, which I did accomplish. Unfortunately not only it did not solve the problem, but added another problem. The additional problem is as follow: Some componennts are missing. Please reinstall McAfee Scan.

      The McAfee program came installed on the Dell computer when it was purchased. She searched but could not find the McAfee CD that might have come with the computer. However, she has paid for the subscription updates when necessary.

      Questions: First question: Help!! Second, does she really need to reinstall the McAfee Virascan as stated, and if so, can the VirusScan program to be downloaded by itself or does the whole McAfee Security Program need to be downloaded and then only the VirusScan program installed after uninstalling the existing VirusScan program. What should she do about the existing license information as the subscription information indicates 10/17/2009. I suspect that when the VirusScan program is removed, the subscription/license information be deleted as well. Is there a place in the McAfee Security console that has the license information?

      Any help/guidance would be very much appreciated, Sam.