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    Real-Time Scanner Hung on Starting

      This problem began two weeks ago. No new programs or software were recently installed. I feel that this problem began after receiving an update from McAfee.

      Booting the computer takes about four to five minutes. I checked in Windows Service Control Manager and see an error, "The McAfee Real-Time Scanner Service Hung on Starting". Disabling this service has no affect. If I totally uninstall McAfee VS the boot time is less than a minute, the same as it was up until two weeks ago.

      I have tried the Virtual Technician with negative results and had two chat sessions, each lasting over thirty minutes and was finally told to call their pay support. I would appreciate any help with this.

      Windows XP SP1; IE 6; DSL
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          what is the version of the mcafee program in your computer?

          do you have other AV software currently installed?

          you only have service pack 1, please upgrade to either 2 or 3...

          by the way how much RAM do you have for your system?
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            VS v.13.3; Build 13.3.115; DAT Version 5550.0000

            I have no other AV software installed.

            I can't put in SP2; I have tried installing SP2 three times since it was released and it only leads to computer crashing and the long chore of reformatting and reinstalling everything.

            512 RAM

            Since my original post and viewing the Windows Event Log, the hang began on 3/3/09 after I had received a McAfee update and the computer was re-booted. I never had this happen before this update.
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              can you please try this...


              go to services tab

              put a check on hide all microsoft services
              click on disable all
              then put a check on all the mcafee services

              go to startup tab
              click on disable all
              then put a check on any mcafee entry (usually mcagent)

              click apply and the ok/close, restart computer when prompted... check if there is a slight difference in the bootup process... check also if you can open mcafee...

              SP 1 on windows XP is a bit outdated... i would strongly suggest for you to install service pack 2 or 3... try contacting microsoft or your computer manufacturer regarding the matter...
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                I followed your instructions and saw no difference. Prior to using McAfee VS, I had used Norton AV. Back in 2007, the new version of Norton AV required SP2 and McAfee required SP1 and still does. That is why I switched to McAfee. Up to this point I have been totally satisfied with McAfee and found it a great improvement over Norton AV.

                I consider this slow boot time a minor inconvenience but still would like a solution. Thanks for your help.
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                  what we did was to disabled other programs from running in the background and other startup items not to run during bootup... hence, it should lessen the time for booting up...

                  please check your add or remove programs list if you have entries for symantec (live update)... uninstall it and run the norton removal tool below...

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                    I was unable to download the Norton Removal Tool; Apparently a problem on their web site. I got to Step 3 and the new window opened but did not load. I tried several times. I will keep trying.

                    I found no listings for Symantec or Live Update in add/remove but did find the following listed in the System Configuration Utility. Under 'services tab', "Symantec Lic NetConnect Service"; Manufacturer: 'unknown'; Staus: 'stopped'. I also found two empty Symantec folders in the following: "C\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec" and "C\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Symantec". I deleted them and saw no improvement.
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                      i understand...

                      can you look for norton / symantec entries in your system registry... go to start>run>regedit, press F3 and put in norton or symantec... if there are files found in there it is important that you run their removal tool to get rid of those entries in the registry...

                      another thing...

                      let's try reversing the settings in MSCONFIG we'll disable mcafee and see if there are changes...


                      in the services tab click on enable all, then remove the checkmarks on all mcafee entries
                      in the startup tab click enable all and remove check mark on mcagent or on mcafee entries...

                      hit apply and then ok/close... restart when prompted... check if there is any improvement...
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                        I was able to remove all keys associated with Symantec from registry. There were many. I still can't download the removal tool. I tried your last suggestion and saw no improvement. I do appreciate all your help. My subscription expires in December so I'll just have to put up with this inconvenience until then. Unless I need a new computer by then or this hangup goes away, I'll have to go with another AV.
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                          Maybe I should post this on "Solved Issues" but I doubt that is what that forum was intended for.

                          After doing everything possible and still waiting several minutes for the computer to boot, I uninstalled McAfee Virus Scan for the last time and downloaded Avast! 4.8 Home Edition (free). My computer now boots and fully downloads my applications in 30 seconds as opposed to over 3 minutes with McAfee and shutting down also take about 15 seconds as opposed to over 2 minutes with McAfee. Upon my first full scan with Avast!, it found a trojan, which McAfee had missed. My 7 year old computer runs like it is brand new. Every application I use tends to respond more quickly.

                          I am sorry I waited so long to do this but I know, going through my event logs in Windows, that this problem began after an update from McAfee. I have been using Avast! for over a week and I haven't received one error in the event log when booting!