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    HP Monitor Software

      I bought a new monitor (HP L2045W) software includes Display Assistant. McAfee Virus Scan keeps finding a "trojan" called Generic!Artemis in the files associated with Display Assistant, and quarantines the file. Display Assistant then wont work unless I turn off McAfee. I am offered 3 options, restore, delete, send to McAfee. This morning I "sent to McAfee" and got a auto reply saying nothing harmful detected in the file. I've been selecting restore but McAfee keeps finding it and quarantining it ( this is not during a scan this is with McAfee working in the background. How do I tell McAfee, this file is OK do not alert me do not quarantine it. Interestingly on my other computer I have another HP monitor w2228h the software there is called My Display but looks the same - but no problems with the virus scan. thanks for reading. any advice would be welcome its not a big deal but a bit annoying.
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          Please clarify the below:

          1. Check the McAfee Virus scan version and DAT version to check right click on the right bottom side of the McAfee icon and click on open Security center and then click on about
          2. open internet Explorer Navigate to https://www.webimmune.net/default.asp click on register a new user on the right top. register with the help of the Email address and password and upload the infected file.
          3. open internet Explorer Navigate to Virus total link :www.virustotal.com
          and upload the infected file and check all the security software result displayed.
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            It is McAfee Virus Scan version 13 DAT 5529. Just at the moment I dont know how I could upload the file because as soon as I hold the cursor over it McAfee quarantines it. I dont think the file IS infected. The software was on the original CD which came with the HP monitor. After the problem first presented I uninstalled Display Assistant (CD version) and downloaded it from the HP website but same thing happens. Installed on the computer, as recommended elsewhere on McAfee Forums, is Malwarebytes' Anti Malware and also Super Anti Spy neither of these has detected a problem. Is there no way of instructing the McAfee Virus Scan to ignore this file,
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              Have you tested the file with Virus total website?

              All you have to do is disable the real time scanning (Click on computer and files in the McAfee security center and turn off the Virus protection for 15 min) from McAfee and then try to restore the File and try to submit it to https://www.webimmune.net/default.asp
              Please follow the FAQ: Document ID: TS100095

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                ok I submitted the file as you suggested.
                I got word for word the same reply as when I selected "send to McAfee" from Security Centre: (see my first post)
                "Upon analysis the file submitted does not appear to contain one of the 200,000 known threats in the AutoImmune database. The file may contain a new threat, or no code capable of being infected. Your submission is being forwarded to an Avert Labs Researcher for further analysis. You will be contacted by AVERT through e-mail with the results of that analysis."
                I was never contacted the first time. Will I be contacted this time.
                IMHO there is no problem with the file there is a problem with the McAfee Virus Scan. All I want to know is, how to I tell the Virus Scan that this file is ok
                I'm sorry but I dont understand your comment
                Please follow the FAQ: Document ID: TS100095
                where do I go to see that please
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                  ok I found that article on how to submit a file but as I've already submitted it twice now ... thanks
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                    PS although this is a new monitor, its a superceded model. therefore its software has been around for quite some time. I cant be the only person to have purchased an HP L2045W and installed Display Assistant - can I? And realistically what are the chances of a major computer supplier like HP having trojans in their software. As I've said this problem presents with software installed from the Cd or downloaded from the HP website which possibly is a newer version, same thing happens.
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                      We can’t say that the Trojan is been supplied by HP but the coding whatever is written on that particular file may have the symptoms of a Trojan, that’s the reason the Anti-Virus programs suspect that.
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                        only McAfee suspect it. As I mentioned neither Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware or Super Anti Spy detect a problem. I have wasted a lot of time on this. Can I or can I not instruct the McAfee Anti Virus software to ignore the file. I have to restore it several times a day.
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                          Vinod R

                          Now is that causing an issue on the computer are you loosing any funtions?

                          i guess not.... any way reply to that auto email with details you could collect with the same subject line and hopefully a human will reply to that soon.

                          Meanwhile if there are many people seeing this report this to HP too so that they can examine that file and make changes or report it to McAfee contacts they got internally
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