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    McAfee freezes when attempting to scan large zip file


      I have run into a problem with both McAfee Virus Scan Plus 2009 and McAfee Comcast version.

      First some back ground.

      I have a main drive that I use to install applications on, then I have a secondary internal drive that I use for file storage, and then a external hard drive that I use as a back up of all of the secondary drive and some of the main drive.

      When I run a full system scan McAfee freezes when it gets to a zipped file on the secondary drive that is a little larger then 1 gig in size. If I tell McAfee to skip it, it will go on scanning until it runs into the copy of that file on the external back up hard drive and it freezes again and I again have to tell McAfee to skip the file.

      When I tell McAfee to scan just that specific file, the progress bar stays at 0% and the program just sits there.

      I have run other Anti Virus Software on the same pc and they have no problem scanning this file.

      The file for reference is a official digital download from Sony of the game Ever Quest.

      I spoke to McAfee online assistance and first I was told that the McAfee scanner was freezing up because the file was malicious in nature. I explained to them that McAfee was not scanning the file at all, and also that the file had been scanned by other Anti Virus software and was not reported as malicious. Then I was told that McAfee just doesnt scan zipped files that are 1 gig in size or larger.

      The last answer seems ridiculous to me.

      I was hoping by coming here I could find a better answer.