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    I Can Not Activate my VirusScan Plus 2009 3 users Second try has already been used


      OS-XP Home SP3

      Mcafee Won't let me Activate Program

      This Happened last month and said you have to activate your product to be fully protected.

      Had a yellow circle with a ! in the middle

      I Left Click the ICON in the Corner and click Verify Subscription

      Nothing Happens

      I then Click update from the main interface and says you need to Activate your Product nothing again.

      -A Yellow Box and then A Red Box come on the screen

      I uninstalled the whole program last month and I'm on try two now and I have the same problem.

      I only have one try left Being a 3 User Program and I'm not about to use that as that needs to go on my Lap Top in a few months.

      It already has Mcafee installed from 2008 Running Vista

      Also when I Click on my Account, I made a new one and my program is not even in there

      But when I use my other email I used for my Lap Top everything is listed and says how many days I have left etc on the one installed on the Lap top.

      Can someone please help me get this program working