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    Shut down during virus scan

      I have a Toshiba Satellite P105-S6064; Windows XP Service Pack 3. McAfee Security Suite 9.0; Virus Scan 13.0; Firewall 10.0.

      My last complete scan was Jan. 28. Since then, I got the vIrtumonde, or vundo trojan. I believe I have cured that problem, spending a whole day doing research and using various programs and removal tools. A quick scan from any of the malware programs I have doesn't find anything.

      I cannot complete an entire virus scan. The computer will shut itself down.

      I had noticed this problem earlier, when I attributed it to overheating, or to using too much resources (trying to create a DVD in Intervideo WinDVD).

      However, now I can't complete a McAfee scan. I don't know what file it stops on.

      I'm doing chkdsk /r to see if any anomolies are returned. But I think I need some expert advice!

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