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    unable to update DAT (build 13.0.218)


      Below are the details of the virus scan installation on my home PC:

      version: 13.0
      build: 13.0.218
      AffId: 0
      Language Pack: 13.0.218
      Last Update: 13/01/2009
      DAT version: 5494.0000
      DAT creation: 13/01/2009
      Engine Version: 5300.2777

      Description of problem:

      I am unable to fully download or install the latest DAT update. I am connected to the Internet via dial-up on a 45 kbps modem. The service I currently use is free so it will disconnect me after 90 minutes of connection time.

      The update does run and the percent complete does increment. However, I noticed that every 2 minutes, the download progresses about 1%. I have seen the download get as far as 40% (after about 80 minutes). Because of the slow download, I have just left my PC unattended and hoped that the updates would be complete upon my return. What happens is my dial up connection is terminated after the 90 minutes and then automatically re-dials to reconnect. Problem is, the download re-starts from the beginning only to be interrupted again after another 90 minutes.

      Should the download take more than 90 minutes to complete over a 45 kbps connection? Or is there some other problem that is causing this problem?


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          The DAT files vary from 60 to 120mb in size so at your download speed it is well-nigh impossible for it to work. Is there no alternative to your ISP's choices?
          • 2. ISP choice
            Hi Ex_Brit,

            Unfortunately, I only have the dial up connection at this time. I will at some point upgrade to a high speed connection but it won't be happening right away.

            Is there any way of downloading a DAT file from the McAfee site? I haven't been able to find one anywhere. I can ask the tech support people here at work to download it for me and put it on a CDROM. I think that would work for me.

            Oh by the way, this is the first time I've ever encountered this problem while using dial up. Has there recently been a massive increase in the size of the automatic DAT updates? Normally, I get the updates with no problems.


            • 3. RE: ISP choice
              The DAT's get bigger by the day unfortunately. There is no way to download the DAT's manually for the home products, only the corporate (Enterprise) versions.

              At the present time the only way you can get up to date on that connection is to uninstall and reinstall the entire product using your online account, which obviously you cannot do as it would have to be daily.

              With a connection that slow and with the time limit it's as bad as no connection at all for applications such as this.
              • 4. Oh well...
                Okay. Thanks for the advice. At at least I won't waste time searching for an update to download. I guess I'll have to look at some alternative products that can be updated over a slow connection.

                Have a good weekend.


                • 5. RE: Oh well...
                  Sorry I couldn't give you better news.
                  • 6. Download manager
                    I'm with you on being unable to download the latest update with my dial-up connection. The problem is that the update appears to be around 60 MB, which would take several hours to download. Unfortunately, it appears to be impossible to sustain a completely error-free connection for that length of time. The McAfee download manager is rather primitive - any slightest glitch causes it to start the download again from the beginning. I have usually succeeded in downloading huge files, but with more intelligent software that actually keeps track of how the download is proceeding. If there is an interruption, it is smart enough to resume the download from where the interruption took place. So it may take several sessions to download the whole thing - but it does get done. Since it is necessary to get frequent updates for this type of application, your best bet is to look around for something that will let you get the updates with several connection sessions if needed.
                    I have not yet identified such a replacement. If anybody out there knows of one, please let us know.
                    • 7. RE: Download manager
                      Speak with Technical Support Chat and ask them to escalate the issue to the highest level.

                      We have tried here in the forum to relay this issue back and have met a brick wall.
                      • 8. More on download issues
                        I have had a chat with Technical Support - twice. All I get is that it is clearly my problem because I have "oscillations" or noise or other instabilities on my phone line. The only "fix" I was offered was to go to the store and buy the latest version on CD.
                        Does Kaspersky have this problem?
                        • 9. RE: More on download issues
                          If your ISP is providing you with a wonky phone line then nothing will update properly I would imagine, or at least be fortunate if it does. Have you spoken to your ISP/phone company? They are duty bound to give you a data quality line if they expect you to pay for internet service.

                          You might be better off with some other products but which ones would be best researched elsewhere.
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