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    Protection problem after udates & install.

      For the past month I'm getting a X within the McAfee M icon upon completion of a McAfee update and installation,with a message to open the Security Center,which indicates my computer is not protected.I click on the Fix button to repair the problem.Some times I am required to run the FIX scan to regain virus protection.The problem I'm having is that I'm continuig to experiencing this X (no protection) after each McAfee update.I would like to find a way to resolve this problem which is very time consuming and annoying.What does it take to talk to a technician.Any suggestions you can offer will be appreciated.If this continues to persist my only alternative is to cancell my subscription because this isn't what I paid for.

      Security Center : Version 9.0
      Virus Scan : Version 13.0
      Build 13.0.232
      Dat version 5510.0000
      Personal Firewall : Version 10.0
      last update 12/18/2007
      Operating Sys : XP pro,sp3