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    Virus Scan on Zone Lab

      I use Zone Lab firewall and I am reinstalling the virus scan component of McAfee and it is saying I need to remove Zone Lab first.

      I had the McAfee virus scan with ZL for many years coexisting on XP up until recently when I had to remove McAfee. Can someone advise why this is happening? I had ZL with the McAfee virus scan for many years and now it won't install.

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          Maybe they are incompatible. Maybe you used an older McAfee version ? For as far as I know, the standalone McAfee antivirus is no longer available.
          These days, the security center is downloaded first, followed by the firewall, antivirus etc.
          You could try removing the Zone Lab firewall, installing McAfee without the firewall and then installing the Zone Lab firewall. But I don't think it's a good idea to combine these two products.
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            I must confess I am very disappointed at McAfee, as a paying subscriber - a customer, I cannot help but feel alienated by what appears to be a sense of arrogance from the very top of the corporate food chain. Their business decisions are disturbing; their model is not sustainable.

            For example, they refused to cover IE8 because "its beta and too new" - imagine that coming from your security commander while you are in a hostile environment, that your hired and paid-for security guards refuse to protect you because the insurgent threats are too new and needs to be established with some history first so that they can be fkg analysed. It's a shameful business model in a rapidly changing and dynamic environment. That is why I selected to uninstall McAfee instead of IE8. The practice is just not acceptable.

            Second example, now that I am in a new theater (different computer) with an existing squadron of security guards (Zone Lab) and I want to enhance my existing protection with this reputable firm only to find McAfee snubbing its nose saying they won't stand in the firing line with my other team!

            I just think that they really need to revisit the Mission of the firm, its purpose, and the way that they select to deliver this all mighty product that they have to offer. I think the vast majority of the public can really benefit from McAfee if and only if they revamp their practices to become more dynamic and adaptive.

            The policies are bewildering.
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              It's quite understandable. McAfee installer sees a competing product as from what I read over at ZL website their applications aren't strictly one thing any more so it's quite possible that ZL Firewall comes with something that is already included in VirusScan.

              You always run the risk of a clash of products when you mix and match things like that. After all a firewall is included with all McAfee suites from VirusScan Plus upwards.

              If you can still download ZL firewall alone (no anti-spyware, anti-theft etc) I would first enable Windows Firewall, then uninstall ZL. Install VirusScan, then install their firewall afterwards.