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    Scottrade deal won't work

      I am a Scottrade user who is trying to take advantage of the one-year free subscription. I have recognized the need for increased protection on my computer and, if impressed with the program, will continue using it.

      However, it will not download for me. I click the link connecting me to McAfee off my Scottrade page, then I click the download link. When I do this through Firefox, the screen that pops up is blank and nothing happens. When I do this through Internet explorer, it says "Page cannot be displayed." Either way, I am eager in having the situation resolved so I can capitalize on this wonderful product.

      I contacted the McAfee customer service line, both via chat and via phone call. It was a completely worthless effort. In both instances, they said, "Ask Scottrade about it." The people at Scottrade said, "This is their website, we have nothing to do with it."

      Any help is greatly appreciated.