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    Can't install or uninstall VirusScan Plus 2009

      I recently updated from VirusScan Plus version 2007 to version 2009. At that time the expiration date on my PC did not change, resulting in daily (or more often) notices that my subscription had expired ... even though my online account correctly showed a 12/2009 expiration date for the newly installed version.

      To try to resolve the problem, it was suggested that I uninstall VirusScan using the MCPR utility, then reinstall the 2009 version. When I try to reinstall, I get an error telling me that the install has failed. When I try to uninstall again using MCPR to start over (again), the MCPR software gives me an error message saying it is already running.

      I can't get VirusScan to work and I can't get rid of it. Did I do something terrible in a previous life?