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    WFV160.tmp can't be deleted

      I am a current subscriber to McAfee Security Center version 9, VirusScan v. 13, Personal Firewall v. 10. I am also using Windows XP.
      I have a file in c:\windows\temp called WFV160.tmp (although the name changes, but always a .tmp file) that currently weighs in at 50 MB. I can't delete the file manually because it says the file is in use. When I shut off the computer and reboot, the file (or equivalent) is still there and getting bigger.
      I contacted McAfee support (talked to a support person online) and they said to try to delete it using the Cleanup feature in the Security Center. I tried this but it didn't delete the file. I thought that all .tmp files in c:\windows\temp were useless and could be deleted or they would be deleted on shut-down.
      Is this a McAfee-created file?
      How can I delete it?
      Thanks for any help.
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          Kindly perform the following steps:

          Open the MSC > Click on Maintain Computer > Click on the Start button under Quick Clean > Click on restore defaults > click on the next button to remove the temporary Internet files.

          Restart the computer in safe mode and try to remove the file WFV160.tmp

          In addition to that you can also try running a check disk.
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            Vinod R
            New tmp files are created on the host system after upgrading to the 5300 AV-Engine. These are named WFV***.TMP files. Their location depends on the system and user temp folder definitions of the host Operating System.

            · When the hosting process ends normally (for example, McShield is stopped as part of an update or the On-Demand scan finishes) then the WFV***.TMP file is deleted.

            · If the hosting process ends abnormally (for example, if the McShield process or On-Demand Scan process is terminated) then the WFV***.TMP file will remain in the temp folder until the next time the process is reloaded. Then any orphaned copies are deleted and one new copy is created for the new scan process.
            For example:

            McShield process is terminated. WFV***.TMP remains in c:\Windows\Temp
            McShield process is restarted. The orphaned WFV***.TMP is deleted and a new copy is created.

            This is due the new improved performance enhancing feature of the New Anti-Virus (AV) Engine of McAfee and it utilizes the temporary location on the hard drive for this purpose. The file is completely safe and will be removed /replaced automatically
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              Vinod, another user reports these files are not being deleted.... http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=227766
              • 4. Wfv***.tmp
                Does anyone know if this file can be redircted to another dirve & off c:\windows\temp. We are having drivespace issue on older servers that only have 8 GB SYS partitions.
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                  Vinod R

                  If you are on enterprise please check with your existing support options... I seriously doubt if we would be able to assist on this...this is consumer products support and yes.. you can try posting on the enterprise section of this forums