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    Had a virus - Now my toolbar is gone.

      Alright, I'm usually VERY good at getting rid of my viruses, and recently had success with my last infection.

      It was Spyware Protector 2009 and RON ads.

      I'm pretty sure I'm good now.

      However, I had to run hijackthis (If I remembered the name correctly) and I basically removed everything that didn't seem important.

      Basically everything not McAfee and my programs I recognized. I did noticed I removed my Google and Yahoo Toolbars, but I didn't really care.

      However, I must have left a McAfee box checked, because now my McAfee toobar (for IE) is gone. I don't NEED the toolbar, but I liked how it had green check-marks next to sites that they've checked and were clean when I did my searches.

      I just want to know how I can get that back.

      Thanks bunches! :)

      - Natalie