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    SLOW Updates

      Ever since I upgraded to Ver. 13.0 last fall, this problem has been killing me...
      Whenever I install the (daily) downloaded virus upgrades -- the whole process basically takes over my PC. These upgrades are taking as much as an hour to install, and makes the PC almost impossible to use during that period.
      What's going on here, and how do I fix it?
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          Get used to it.
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            Environment: XP/SP3 Sec Center 9 VS 13 PF 10. P4 HT 3.06Ghz, 1G.

            I have the same problem, although the duration of the "hang" is about 2 - 3 minutes, occasionally as long as 5 - 6. I first notice that the mouse is frozen (when in Firefox or IE or Word or EXCEL). I now immediately check the tray, and there is the little arrow circling the .... . I am glad that the updates go through, but the freeze seems unecessary.

            I am looking to disable auto-updates, and set aside "one morning a week" (thank you Sally Fields :p)null for processing the updates. sad
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              I came here for help because I thought you would get an "informed reply" from a McAfee tech if none was forthcoming from other forum participants. I was wrong. Looks like you have to go elsewhere to get a problem solved.

              A selection of anti virus software is available for free on the net. The only reason I purchase this stuff from McAfee is because I expect to have free access to tech support during the life of the subscription. Bad assumption. I won't make the same mistake again. I pity the poor people on this forum (and others) who never get a single response -- informed or otherwise.
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                I too have Virus Scan 13.0 and I have a similar problem. I have enabled auto updates but have asked to be notified before install. Many minutes before I am notified I know that an update is coming because my Compaq laptop literally grinds to a halt. I cant control what time of day the updates come (i wouldnt care if they would install at midnight) but they often seem to show up at 930am and 530pm--the worst times possible!

                If I accept to install the similar red arrow is in the icon tray going in a circle. I can pretty much leave my PC for about 15 min. minimum because there is nothing else that can be done---no email, browsing, etc.

                I am certain this is NOT how the product was intended to work. And if it is, I am sure they would never advertise that this is a requirement of purchase.

                Is there any way to fix? For now I have disabled auto updates and will just have to run them manually at a better time.
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                  A lot depends on your connection download speed and your OS capacity. My updates take around 2 minutes.
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                    I started this discussion, so maybe it is time to reply to those who have tried to help.
                    JWOODWILD --- you have stated the problem better than I. I don't think anybody should try to sell a software product which hijacks your PC so completely and for so long during the upgrade process. Something is very wrong here -- and it may very well be external to VirusScan.
                    Is it unreasonable to think that a McAfee tech would occasionally drop by to offer an informed solution to the problem we are having? Short of paying for it -- how do you get the attention of McAfee on a problem like this?
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                      This forum is staffed largely by unpaid volunteers like myself. Very occasionally a McAfee person may drop by but that is rare and usually only after we flag an issue.

                      You can Chat free with McAfee technicians using Technical Support Chat, linked in signature or the top left of this page, 24/7.