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    VirusScan "competing program" problems

      Runnning an older AMD processor (700MHz) with 256 RAM and XP - sp3. (Don't laugh, it's all I need for now). Have not updated since VirusScan V-10; purchased V-13 on-line but cannot install because the installer finds a competing product "eXtendia antivirus AVK pro". This program was on the machine for a short time while I worked through a "homepage hijacking" but was removed almost immediately. Every version of McAfee since has had the same problem - hence remaining with V-10. It is not on the add/remove program listing. Virtual Tech. finds no problems and the only references to this program I find using "search" are those informing me that McAfee can't install because of it.

      I approach most reconfig operations with fear and trembling - any help, thoughts or recommendations would be highly appreciated.